5.Effects of Chinese University Students’ Academic Achievement and Course Satisfaction on Their Ratings of Teachers’ Instruction

  • 发布日期2015-12-10
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Yun MoXibin HanYingqun Liu


Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between studentsperception of teachers instruction, course satisfaction, and student academic achievement. The data were extracted from TsingHua Education Online (THEOL) Management Information System (MIS) and analyzed via structuring equation modeling. The researchers hypothesized student ratings of instruction were affected by their achievement and course satisfaction. The results confirmed a positive relationship between course satisfaction and student ratings of instruction, but did not find direct effect of student academic achievement on their ratings of teachersinstruction. This suggests that course satisfaction is a more important factor than academic achievement when students rate their teachers instruction. The finding also suggests that the student ratings of instruction may be an objective and acceptable performance indicator for teachers instruction in a course.


Keywords: Student ratings of instruction, course satisfaction, evaluation, English achievement


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