1.On a Deeper Understanding of the Constructivist Learning Principles and Constructivist Instructional Design

  • 发布日期2014-09-29
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Kekang He


Abstract:Compiled by the Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) in the US, the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology has impacted the field of educational technology in many important ways, since the 1990s. The third edition, published in 2008, in particular, provides the reader with more innovative content due to the collected efforts of its co-editors and a large team of contributing scholars. This article will focus on the third edition of the handbook by first outlining its overall structure and contents, and directing the reader to those arguments that stimulate the field most. It will then concentrate on a more in-depth discussion of a re-appraisal of the following two issues: the constructivist learning principles and the relationship between constructivist and engineering instructional design. The former is considered, in the third edition, as one of the two most important research discoveries, while the later is deemed as one of the four important developments in educational communications and technology in the past five years.


Keywords: Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), Constructivist learning principles, Constructivist instructional design, engineering instructional design, minimally guided instruction, discovery learning


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