3.Development of Visual Philosophy under Impact of Philosophy of Technology

  • 发布日期2014-09-29
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Li Zhao, Shuyu Zhang


Abstract: Throughout history the development of technology has been affecting peoples lives. Any kind of technological innovation may give a qualitative leap in human society. The impact of technology has penetrated into the study of various disciplines. Philosophy is no exception. In 1877, Karp formally proposed the concept ofphilosophy of technology. Technology has been studied from the practical aspect of a tool to the level of philosophy. Although the concept of visual philosophy has not yet been formally proposed, the thinking of philosophical vision has already existed. This paper is to analyze the impact of philosophy of technology on the development of visual philosophy, from the perspective of instrumental theory and humanistic theory, and to clarify current values and directions of visual philosophy.


Keywords: development, philosophy of technology, technology, impact, visual philosophy


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