4.Development of a Scaffold Design Model in Inter-school Collaboration Environment: A Design-based Research

  • 发布日期2014-09-29
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Xiaoying Feng, Li Chen


Abstract: This study examines the development of a theoretical framework for scaffold design in an inter-school collaboration environment. The research question primarily deals with how to design scaffolds for an Inter-school Collaborative Learning (ICL). Design-based research methodology was used in this study. Literature review, questionnaire survey, field survey, and interviews were used during the course of research. Forty-seven secondary schools in 25 provinces in China were selected and participated in the study. This paper reports the first circle of design-based research. Through design-based research, a scaffold design model was developed and revised. Eight key types of scaffolding for ICL were identified. Elaborated strategies and tools were summarized for implementation of these scaffolds.


Keywords: collaborative learning, inter-school collaboration, scaffolding, instructional design


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