6.Deep Learning through Reusable Learning Objects

  • 发布日期2014-09-29
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Rosalyn RuferRuifang Hope Adams



Abstract: Being able to leverage an organizations processes and core competencies to sustain its competitive advantage is important (Ray, Barney, & Muhanna, 2004). One learning objective of an on-line MBA is to teach students how to apply the VRIO (value, rarity, imitate, and operationalize) model, developed by Barney and Hesterly (2006), in order to identify an optimum strategy. However students in the program have had difficulty in understanding this model, partially because of the traditional pedagogy used in online teaching. This case study demonstrates how reusable learning objects (RLO) can facilitate knowledge in an online learningenvironment. The RLO developed and applied in this study was able to enhance student learning through interaction and subsequent deep learning.

Keywords: deep learning, on-line learning, reusable learning objects, distance learning, MBA education.




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