1.Entering the 3rd Generation of e-Learning: Characteristics and Strategies [Weiyuan Zhang]

  • 发布日期2013-10-28
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Weiyuan Zhang


Abstract:With the rapid development of e-Learning practices in education, the principles and methods of e-Learning have gradually evolved and matured. The purpose of this paper is to identify developmental stages of e-Learning and propose some strategies in establishing a new generation of e-Learning. First, the paper describes the three generations of e-Learning development. Second, the establishment of a 3rd generation e-Learning platform is analyzed. Third, course development in 3rd generation e-Learning is discussed. Using emerging new and user-friendly software, teachers and trainers could design and develop interactive e-Learning resources by themselves. Finally, the importance of staff development in e-Learning knowledge and skills is emphasized. The author points out that teachers and trainers would play a leading and predominant role, with support of instructional designers and technical staff, in implementing 3rd generation e-Learning.


Keywords: e-Learning development, e-Learning platform, e-Learning courses, e-Learning training


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