3.The Effectiveness of Using Digital Movies as a Form of Reflection [Taralynn Hartsell]

  • 发布日期2013-10-28
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Taralynn Hartsell


Abstract: Digital videos can be effective authentic assessment tools to help students reflect on their learning acquisition. Using digital video reflections to synthesize learning of abstract concepts and theories such as instructional design can be a method to evaluate how students perceive, understand, and arrive to certain conclusions. This paper describes the process of creating digital videos as part of a reflection assignment that graduate students in an instructional design course had to complete. Benefits and limitations of using this form of assessment are addressed, including some recommendations. The purpose is to help readers understand how digital videos can aid students in learning theoretical content through selfreflection. Instead of writing a paper, graduate students in this particular case created videos to demonstrate how instructional system design (ISD) models affect people’s lives using various mediums. In the end, video reflections were effective in helping graduate students understand the relationship between ISD, learning theories, and their applications.


Keywords: digital videos, instructional design, learning theories, authentic assessment,



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