5.A Case Study of Applying Blended Learning in an Accelerated Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Program [Ying Wang Shen]

  • 发布日期2013-10-28
  • 浏览次数1613

Ying Wang Shen, Thomas H. Reynolds, Curtis J. Bonk, and Thomas A. Brush


Abstract: Blended learning has potential to improve teacher education in terms of accessibility and quality. This paper reports findings from a case study with mixed methods data collection analysis to examine the application of blended learning in accelerated post-baccalaureate teacher education at the program level. One hundred and sixty-seven recent graduates from a chosen teacher education program participated in the study by completing an online survey. Eight of the survey participants and six faculty members were interviewed. Findings from this study support the viability and benefits of applying blended learning in teacher education at the program level. On the other hand, teacher candidates and faculty members reported challenges in such blended learning teacher education programs. Suggestions for applying blended learning in teacher education at the program level are discussed in this paper.


Keywords: blended learning, teacher education, integrated field experience


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