Evaluating e-portfolio Using by Learning Stages: A Case Study in an Interdisciplinary Program [Ellis S. J. Fu, Jeff J.S. Huang, Stephen J.H. Yang, and Anna Y.Q. Huang]

  • 发布日期2012-12-04
  • 浏览次数2503

Ellis S. J. Fu, Jeff J.S. Huang, Stephen J.H. Yang, and Anna Y.Q. Huang


Abstract: This study conducts an investigation of posts in the e-portfolio platform of the program: “The interdisciplinary training program for talented college students in science.” Participants in this program were supposed to show their learning portfolios on this platform. Among the 2150 registered students, we randomly selected 126 students who have made at least 3 posts to become the target sample. By identifying the learning stages and posting styles shown by their posts, we find that students are mostly in the surface learning stages and weak in completing their learning portfolios. The results suggest that more strategies should be learned in e-portfolio use. In addition, some related issues about learning performance are also discussed.


Keywords: interdisciplinary, e-portfolio, reflection, content analysis   


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