Analysis on the Applications of Information Technology in Mathematics Classroom Teaching and its Correlation with Students’ Mathematics Achievements in China [Yi Zhan, Jing Li, Mei Wang, Youqun Ren, and Hong Chen]

  • 发布日期2012-12-03
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Yi Zhan, Jing Li, Mei Wang, Youqun Ren, and Hong Chen


Abstract: On account of the question of “how can teachers facilitate learning more efficiently with the help of information technology,” this research is going to probe into the application of information technology in mathematics classroom teaching and its correlation with students’ mathematics achievements in China. It is established in the data from “Research on the Relationship between Learning and Curriculum,” a program funded by Ministry of Education of China, that technology in mathematics education is important. Through the analysis of data, this research first describes how sampling teachers apply information technology in mathematics classroom teaching (including playing PPT lecture notes, using subject teaching software, and employing Internet in class) as well as the differences in the data among cities and schools. Besides, it also explores the correlation between how teachers apply information technology to the mathematics classroom teaching and students’ mathematics achievements.


Keywords: mathematics teaching, applications of information technology, students’ achievements


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