The Effect of Flow and Motivation on Users’ Learning Outcomes in Second Life [Jian-Sheng Li, Huan Xu, and Si-Si Chen]

  • 发布日期2012-12-03
  • 浏览次数2329

Jian-Sheng Li, Huan Xu, and Si-Si Chen


Abstract: This study aims to investigate the effect of the users’ immersion experience, motivation, and learning outcomes in Second Life. The data collected for this study occurred over a 2 month period. Participants were 113 students taking classes in Second Life at a university. Their ages ranged from 18-22 years, with 47 participants as male and 66 as female. From the analysis of the collected data, the immersion experience and motivation have effects on the learning outcomes in Second Life. The results revealed more one was immersed in Second Life, the motivation was improved, and thus, the learning outcomes were reinforced. These findings are also discussed in virtual learning and teaching design. 


Keywords: flow, game motivation, learning outcomes, Second Life


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