5. Flipped Learning and Influential Factors: Case Analysis

  • 发布日期2017-08-03
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Leping LiuDarren RipleyAngela Lee



Abstract: Flipped learning has been a focus of research to explore potential learning environments that may positively affect student learning. The key issue is whether or how educators design such a learning environment, and what might be the factors that educators need to consider when designing a flipped learning environment. The first part of this study presents a critical review and analysis on factors identified from the literature that may influence the success of a flipped-learning case. 216 cases selected from current literature were analyzed on seven factors (Overall Design, Design of Information, Design of Technology Use, Active Learning, Motivation, Special Guidance, and Self-Regulated Learning) regarding their influence on the success of flipped learning experiences. Among them the first five factors were found to be significant and included in a prediction model. The second part of this study demonstrates an on-going case of flipped learning that reflects and examines the prediction model.


Keywords: flipped learning, influential factors, Instructional Design



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