2. The Efficacy of a One-to-one Technology Initiative in Improving the Four Cs

  • 发布日期2017-07-17
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 Ching-Wen Chang



Abstract: The Ozarks Educational Research Initiative, a consortium of 19 Southwest Missouri public school districts, partnered with Missouri State University’s Institute for School Improvement from 2011 – 2015 to investigate effective practices for utilizing one-to-one digital technologies in the classroom. The focus of this descriptive study was to determine whether a one-to-one technology initiative would result in improving any of the “four Cs” (communication, collaboration, creativity, or critical thinking) of the Framework for 21st Century Learning. Of the teachers surveyed who have one-to-one classrooms, three-quarters of them (77.5%) believe there were improvements in the four Cs as a result of the introduction of one-to-one technology (laptops, tablets, or iPads) into their classrooms.


Keywords: one-to-one technology, technology initiative, technology immersion, K-12 technology, 21st century learning skills



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