1. Effect of Texting with Friends during Video Lectures

  • 发布日期2017-07-17
  • 浏览次数716

Mike Schellen & Lin Lin, Chris Bigenho



Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine high school students’ learning by looking at the effect of texting with friends through a computer chat program on their comprehension and memory of video lectures. Two videos were selected and two settings (texting and no-texting settings) were created. Students were asked to watch one video while being interrupted by a friend to text with them, and to watch another video without being interrupted. The results of the students’ video lecture comprehension and memory quizzes showed that the students scored lower while texting with friends, and that they scored differently between the two videos when texting with friends.


Keywords: learning environment, multitasking, texting, cognitive overload, distraction



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