3. Indicators of Digital Leadership in the Context of K-12

  • 发布日期2017-07-17
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Lin Zhong



Abstract: International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Administrators (ISTE-A, 2009) has been published for six years and but few studies have been done to indicate digital leadership indicators. This qualitative study aims to explore digital leadership indicators in the context of K-12 education based on ISTE-A standards. Results show that visionary leadership is indicated as integrated technology vision and technology plan support by all stakeholders. Indicators of digital age learning culture include sufficient devices, technology modeling, and effective technology utilization. Digital learning opportunities and digital learning community are indicators of professional development. Indicators of systemic improvement include maximized learning achievement, competed personnel, and strategic partnership. Digital citizenship is indicated as digital filter.


Keywords: Digital leadership, ITSE-A, K-12




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