5. Innovative Web 2.0 Technologies to Support Struggling Readers

  • 发布日期2017-07-15
  • 浏览次数676

 Haihong(Helen)Hu, Mary Ellen Oslick, Donna Wake



Abstract: Most Web 2.0 technologies are either free or inexpensive, making them accessible forteachers to use for instructional purposes, especially to assist diverse students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. This article discusses the qualitative findings of a mixed-methods study that investigated how a group of candidates in a reading licensure graduate program responded to Web 2.0 technology integration when working with struggling readers, including their perceptual reaction and their implemented practice. The results from the study may help K-12 classroom teachers and teacher educators better understand how to include technologies in working with teacher candidates and assist them in designing instructional practices to support all learners.


Keywords: Reading, teacher education, technology integration




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