2. Transforming Organizational Change through Collaborative Digital Storytelling

  • 发布日期2016-12-27
  • 浏览次数732

William Tate Brendel Chientzu Candace Chou




Abstract: Planned or unplanned, organizational change can be an arduous, confusing, and lonely endeavor, unless individuals are afforded a platform for making sense of their unique relationship with change. Through the lens of Transformative Learning Theory, which views adult learning as a process of meaning-making, this article demonstrates how contextual facets of digital (online) storytelling may assist individuals, departments, and the organization as-a-whole. Particular, in sharing their storied relationships with change, reflecting upon habits of mind, and coming to consensus on a creative and cohesive path forward.


Keywords: digital storytelling, collaborative learning, transformative learning, organizational change





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