5. Big Data Ethics in Education: Connecting Practices and Ethical Awareness

  • 发布日期2016-10-08
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Xiaojun Chen Ying Liu



Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss big data ethics in education. To achieve this goal, this paper first discusses big data from its origin, and then discusses big data ethics from its philosophical perspectives of cyberethics and the emphasis on privacy issues in using big data in researching and teaching. Cases, policies, and code of conduct regarding big data and privacy are discussed with ethical considerations from data ownership and privacy, as well as instructor and learner responsibilities perspectives. Key privacy preserving data mining techniques are also discussed, and the authors recommend using a hybrid approach to address privacy concerns in educational big data context. This discussion aims to broaden the discussion on cultivating researchers’ ethical awareness in employing and designing future big data research in education, as well as to raising data analyst’ ethical awareness in employing big data in an educational open data context. Future studies in exploring empirical practices to cultivate big data ethics are recommended.

Keywords: big data, ethics, privacy preserving data mining, policy, code of conduct




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