1.Factors Influencing Instructors’ Attitudes toward Technology Integration

  • 发布日期2016-04-26
  • 浏览次数1056

Molefe Mookana Motshegwe Tshepo Batane


Abstract: Attending professional development (PD) on teaching online is becoming popular for teachers in todays K-12 online education. Due to the unique characteristics of the online instructional environments, surveys become the most feasible approach to evaluate the effectiveness of PD programs. However, there is no validated, open-access instrument available to satisfy the needs. Purpose of this study is to conduct construct validity, content validity, concurrent validity, and reliability tests on an open-access instrument for K12 PD for online teaching. With the exception of a few items that have minor issues on content and construct validity, results show that the survey is, in general, a valid and reliable instrument. Suggestions and potential applications of the instrument are also discussed.

Keywords: K-12 Online Professional Development; Construct Validity; Content Validity; Concurrent Validity; Reliability



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