Intrinsic Motivation Factors in Gamified Photography Learning: Direct and Indirect Effects

  • 发布日期2018-02-28
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Domenic Dini,Leping Liu

Abstract: To help students with motivation to learn, gamification has been explored as a method of delivering content to students in an engaging and motivating way. This study explored the motivation components in gamified design that linked to learning outcomes in a gamified photography curriculum. Six intrinsically motivating factors (challenge, curiosity, control,cooperation, competition, and recognition) were carefully integrated into the game experience design. Participant test scores and survey data were used to develop a maximum likelihood
structural equation model. The model showed that among the six intrinsic motivation factors curiosity and control were directly linked to learning outcomes while challenge had an indirect link to learning outcomes. These findings suggest that these three items need to be carefully
integrated into gamified lesson design to promote engagement and learning.

Keywords: gamification, photography learning, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

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