The Effectiveness of K-12 Principal’s Digital Leadership in Supporting and Promoting Communication and Collaboration Regarding CCSS Implementation

  • 发布日期2018-02-28
  • 浏览次数811

                                                                                                             Lin Zhong

Abstract: Technology plays an important role in supporting successful College-and Career-State Standards (CCSS) implementation, which requires principals and educators effectively communicate and collaborate at the local, state, and national level. This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of digital leadership in supporting communication and collaboration regarding CCSS implementation in K-12 schools. In this study, 254 public school teachers from five school districts in Mississippi were surveyed. Results showed that principals were most effective in supporting professional development and digital citizenship. In addition, teachers’ age and teaching grades have an impact on the effectiveness of principals’ digital leadership strategies.Implications are discussed in the final section.

Keywords: digital leadership, CCSS, communication, collaboration, K-12, ISTE-A


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